Brad Martin

Travel Advisor

In 1985, my aspiration had been fulfilled, I initiated my career in the travel industry as a leisure agent for a local travel agency. Subsequently, I transitioned to America West Airlines, holding the position of a customer service representative, and eventually ascended to become one of American Airlines' International Pursers. During my tenure as an in-flight Purser, I had the privilege of exploring captivating destinations across the globe. Each journey allowed me to deeply engage with the distinct cultures, customs, and traditional cuisine of the diverse countries I visited. I have had the pleasure of embarking on wilderness-filled safaris, savoring exquisite wine with the locals in quaint European villages, trekking through the rice fields of Asia, and marveling at the pristine azure waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

With utmost dedication, I endeavor to provide tailored expertise and knowledge to travelers in devising unparalleled vacations. A primary objective of mine is to create an indelible travel experience exclusively for YOU. Allow me the honor of introducing you to tremendous opportunities which wholeheartedly embrace the culture, customs, and native cuisine of the diverse countries you choose to explore.

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